The next piece for the Lockdown Choir is
Come let us join our cheerful songs
with angels round the throne

You can see the finished versions of our previous pieces here

To join in this time, you need to
play the backing track
(on an ear‑piece if you have one)
and record yourself singing along

Melody lines are very welcome
Alto, Tenor and Bass parts are also very welcome
You are welcome to record more than one part if you wish

Click here for the backing track
(played by Anthony Smith on the Whittington organ)

There are notes below on how to make your recording and how to send it in

Please send in recordings by the end of Thursday 24 September, so that we have time to mix everything before Sunday

Come, let us join our cheerful songs
With angels round the throne;
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,
But all their joys are one.

‘Worthy the Lamb that died,’ they cry,
‘To be exalted thus;’
‘Worthy the Lamb,’ our lips reply,
‘For he was slain for us.’

Jesus is worthy to receive
Honour and power divine;
And blessings more than we can give
Be, Lord, for ever thine.

Let all creation join in one
To bless the sacred name
Of him that sits upon the throne,
And to adore the Lamb.

How to record yourself on a smartphone or tablet
On a smartphone or tablet, the usual Camera function will include a video‑recording option.
You might be able to play the backing track, and video‑record yourself, on the same device at the same time.
Alternatively, you can play the backing track on one device (a phone, tablet, or computer), while video‑recording yourself on another device.

How to record yourself on Zoom on a Laptop
1. On the laptop, go to and follow the instructions to install the Zoom software. It is designed for having face‑to‑face meetings over the internet, but it is also a really easy way to make a video recording.
2. Start up the Zoom program. The first time you do this, you have to register with an email address and password (it asks for your work email, but any will do). Now press the big orange button - “New Meeting” - and then “Join with Computer Audio” (as opposed to using a phone). You are now in a Zoom meeting room - on your own!
3. Get the image on the screen how you want it.
4. Click “Record” (down at the bottom of the screen). Do whatever it is you want to record. Click “Stop Recording”. Click “End Meeting” / “End Meeting for All”. Zoom will now save your recording, then take you to the place on your computer where it has saved the recording. Practice as much as you like. Once you have the recording that you want, send it in by email or using

How to send in your finished recording
You can send the result to my WhatsApp 07712 47700
or to any of these three email addresses
If the file is too large to send by normal email
you can send it by

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