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Coronavirus Information and Advice

There is a doorstep delivery service which includes milk, eggs, yogurt, and cream, available in Whittington - contact Gavin or Paul on 07799 833800

Cornvale Foods in Melling can do home deliveries of local meat, sausages and burgers, fresh fruit and veg, bread, free range milk and dairy products – 015242 22420

If you are shopping online for yourself or others, it might be worth looking at parsleybox.com, which does complete ready-meals, which store in the cupboard (no need for a freezer) for up to six months, and cook in the microwave.

In addition to the above commercial services, a group of Whittington volunteers is able to offer a food delivery service for residents of Whittington parish who are particularly at risk from Covid‑19 or are self-isolating and are unable to call on the support of family, friends or neighbours.

Hornby Village Store has agreed to take orders and payment over the phone, and one of our volunteers will collect the order from the shop and deliver it to your doorstep. The shop may not have everything in stock, but will do their best to meet people’s needs. Hornby Butchers are also willing to do the same. If you do not have a method of paying by card, try and set one up with your bank, it may prove useful in the coming months, otherwise payment by cheque may be possible but not cash.

The process would be as follows:

1. Call Hornby shop with your order before 3pm Monday to Friday.

2. They will check their stock and return your call with the items they have and ask for payment.

3. They will then bag items ready for collection the following day and the co‑ordinators will arrange delivery.

4. A volunteer will collect your bag and deliver it to your door and will knock or ring the bell to let you know it has arrived.

This process would be the same for Hornby Butchers.

Volunteers will not have direct contact with you or handle any cash, as a precaution against infection.

If you are in need of any other help, please don’t hesitate to call us.

A big thank you to our volunteers for offering their services, and please do print this out and give to any neighbours who may not have seen it.

Another big thank you to Hornby Village Store and Towers butchers for providing this support.

Georgie North
(Coordinating Whittington Volunteers)

Contact Numbers

Georgie North (Newton)
015242 72146 or 07775 566910

Michael Hampson 015242 21712

Hornby Village Store 015242 22111
Hornby Butchers 015242 21248

The local community email service will be used for updates
If you do not already receive these emails, sign up at tinyletter.com/WhittingtonNews

Updates are also being posted in the online forum here

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