Saint Margaret's Hornby
Saint Michael the Archangel Whittington
Saint John the Baptist Arkholme
Saint John the Evangelist Gressingham
in the Lune Valley in north Lancashire

Arrangements for January 2021

The vicar is unavailable during January

Sunday Services

Public worship is once again suspended during the renewed national lockdown.

Sunday services in the four parishes are being broadcast live online.

Funerals in January

In the absence of the vicar, it will not be possible to offer covid‑safe funerals in church during January. Churchyard burials can go ahead, with a visiting minister, by arrangement with the relevant churchwarden (Hornby Fiona Humphreys 015242 21306, Whittington Judith Greenwood 015242 73055, Arkholme David Smith 0333 011 9303, Gressingham Mary McClements 015242 21461). Families might be encouraged to consider a thanksgiving and remembrance service later, in accordance with the regulations in place at the time, or when the regulations are lifted. Visiting ministers might be organised through the Area Dean (Nancy Goodrich 01524 823106) or the Archdeacon (David Picken 01254 503274). Churchyard fees, payable to the relevant PCC, will be in accordance with the national Church of England fee table for 2021.

Wednesday services

Wednesday services will resume in February

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